Final Report

Over the course of the semester, I’ve learned a lot about successfully analyzing media content, maintaining a blog, organizing my time, and writing in general.   Before this course, the only content I had analyzed was literature.  Analyzing television shows is certainly different from what I have previously experienced, however I found this method to be very entertaining; it was easy for me to get wrapped up in a program and forget I was in class.

This was also my first experience working with a blog.  You may find my blog here:  I found to be straightforward to use and relatively user-friendly.  The main challenge of blogging was simply making the time to completely examine each television show or reading and create “mini-essays.”  Although the process seemed time consuming, I am very happy with the work in my blog.   I’m glad I continued to make regular posts and that my posts were up-to-date because it helped me immensely in the Final Screening Blog Post assignment.  I was able to pull content from previous blog posts, refresh my memory of some basic elements of plot summaries, and recognize the plethora of intertextual references between all the shows.  The blog definitely helped me organize my thoughts in a clear manner, which truthfully, probably would not have happened if it had not been required.   I believe my ability to analyze television shows increased throughout the course.  Based on my Learning Journal partner’s comments, I could still use some improvement on incorporating more frequent intertextual references from readings and other television programs.

This course required students to do most of their work outside of class, which led to some lackluster blogs.  I know many students did not like this format, however I liked it because it truly separated the hardworking students from the unmotivated ones.

I loved the main theme of the course: feminism.  The history of the feminist movement combined with the impact of media images is a topic I find very appealing and enjoy reading and studying both it in and out of class.  Due to my interest in feminism, the course was easy for me to like.  One of my favorite pieces of literature is Virginia Woolf’s “A Room of One’s Own,” so unsurprisingly Where the Girls Are is now one of my new favorite books too.